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A Cool Old Truck

Mike "Badfrog" Haerens'

1941 Chevy Master 1/2-Ton

1 July 2004

From Mike:

          This is my 1941 Chevy Master 1/2 ton. I bought it a few months ago from my friend's father. He had rescued it from a certain doom after the previous owner had passed away.

          The truck had been in a barn for near 30 years. My friend's Dad went and picked it up and tinkered with it for a while, nothing major, just little stuff. My friend was telling me all this then told me I need to come and check it out.

          So, one day he called and said he had put a battery in it, some fresh gas in it, and it started! So I figured why not -- go out drink some beers and check out this old farm truck. I saw the truck and was pretty impressed with how complete it was and it ran like a sewing machine. It even moves clutch and trans works great, breaks a little iffy at best but they stop the truck.

          Needless to say, after selling my Mud Bogger, I bought it. Not a thing from my wife -- not a word good or bad.

          The truck has a whopping 54,000 miles on it. But due to a pretty bad shoulder injury I am forced to sell this truck. As of 6-24-04 it is for sale in the swap meet section of Stovebolt.com.

Mike "Badfrogg" Haerens
Port Huron, MI

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