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1954 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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21 February 2007
# 1845

From Garyowen :

           Here I found a picture of me driving home the day I bought my truck (for $1500, probably too much), and another taken the same day. You can see the intense concentration as I drive a truck with rock hard dry rotted tires and very little brakes.

           I was breaking up with my girlfriend and not sure where I was going to live, so it seemed like the perfect time to buy a truck!! I knew next to nothing about old trucks. Then I found The Stovebolt Page and kept reading and such.

           Turns out the motor was a later 250 -- a real butcher job with a piece of galvanized pipe welded in there as a motor mount. Ugh! I located a rebuilt 235 motor for sale, borrowed a cherry picker and my friend's beach house, and put it in.

           I drove the truck for a while. Then the tranny self-destructed. I put in a saginaw 3-speed which everybody told me just bolts in. It did not. I tried three different transmissions. Then I was told to remove the bell housing and have it machined. Above my skill level. So I had the bearing retainer machined to the exact size of the old tranny's retainer. Bingo! Still runs fine.

           After that, I got a 12-bolt rear end out of a '70 Suburban. I went to the junkyard and measured up a driveshaft and had new u-joints pressed in.

           There are lots of things missing, which I am still working on. I found a grille in pretty good shape on a truck in the woods, (really!)

           I painted the tuck with Ace hardware spray paint (just fer now, ya know). All new brakes, and the list goes on ... for ever.

           So I had lots of adventures, spent lots of money, and had a good time. What more can you ask for?

           Mille gratzia for all your help!! This here Stovebolt site has been very helpful, and fun. I have been lurking here for many years, (with an occasional post or two). I finally I got a digital camera and am learning (painfully slow, it seems) how to use it.

Garryowen Gunset
Bolter # 6047
Santa Cruz, California

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