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A Cool Old Truck

George Grosvenor's

1940 2-Ton Chevy Dump Truck

From: George,

        I am the proud new owner of this 1940 2-ton Chevy Dump Truck. I have really enjoyed looking at your photos on the internet and I wanted to add my rig to your collection.

        Obviously, I have just purchased this rough specimen and we literally pulled it off of a hill side. The truck was on a steep grade and if it wasn't for the Elm tree growing through the bed of the truck it would have fallen into a rather large ditch where it would have stayed FOREVER!!

        The reason I purchased this truck wasn't because of the price ($400!) or the fact that I think trucks are very ..... .manly ...... but the reason I like this truck is because every part of this truck is intact.

        The only problem I can see with the truck, besides needing to be completely restored, is the dent in the front fender and bumper plate. Even the pieces of the grill are sitting on the floorboard in the cab. The motor runs and I will drive although the master cylinder needs rebuilt so I haven't driven it yet.

        My two sons (sixth grade and freshman in high school) have been watching television shows where they rebuild old cars and decided to look for a vehicle to rebuild ourselves. Feel free to install my story and the photo I am attaching on your page.

        Well I have my winter project cut out for me so I better get busy. I will sent progression photos later. Anyone wanting to contact me can email me!

        See ya,

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