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1959 GMC Bread Van

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29 December 2005
# 1344

From Rodney :

          Well, I have searched the Stovebolt Page Galleries and I have not seen any pictures of a similar vehicle to my old girl. She is a 1959 GMC Bread Van. I don't know specifically what the factory would have called her and I don't have any more information about her.

          I purchased the van on eBay from a guy in Tucson, Arizona. I lived in Colorado Springs at the time and I flew out to make the deal. I drove her home without a problem from Tucson to Colorado Springs. Except, there was no heat and she has only a 10 gallon fuel tank ... and the fuel gauge does not work. So I had to keep close track of miles traveled. But she did well.

          The second part of my journey was to be a drive from Colorado Springs to Newark, Ohio. However, the truck was not as cooperative. After putting over $600 in several minor repairs in the first 200 miles of that journey, I put her on a trailer behind a rental truck and completed the trip.

          Now she sits and waits for me to decide what to do with her. I keep her running and driving for errands and fun.

          Perhaps a camper? Perhaps a vending business? Maybe a retro love wagon? Who knows?

          I would love some advice and help locating owner's manual, pictures, etc.

          Thanks for your great site!

Rodney Grist
Newark, Ohio

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