Ken Grimes'

1962 Chevy C-10 Fleetside Shortbed

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11 September 2006

# 1659

From Ken :

           Hello. I am submitting for your viewing pleasure my 1962 Chevy C-10 Fleetside Shortbed. This truck was bought brand new in '62 by my Great Grandfather. Afterwards, my great uncle used it occasionally but it mostly sat in the back yard of his home in Palm Desert, California.

           My Father, brother and I rescued it from the desert in 1990 and took it to Wyoming. There, my brother got it running and used it as his college vehicle. When he finished school, he drove it to his home in Fairbanks, Alaska.

           My brother sold it back to Dad in the mid nineties and he tried to have it restored. The fellow doing the restoring took off some trim, the side window glass and other miscellaneous parts, then took off with the money. When my father decided to move to Texas, he sold the truck back to my brother where it sat under a tarp in his back yard for several years.

           This spring my 14 year old son Kevin expressed some interest in doing some restoration work after watching a show on TV. I told him that I knew where we could get a good project truck and explained the history behind this '62. My brother sold it to me for "The Promise of first ride when it's done" and my son and I towed it to our home in Fallon, Nevada this fall.

           The picture on the left is my Great Grandfather Cole Thornburgh with the Stovebolt when it was bought new in 1962!

           The plan right now is to take everything off down to the frame and catalog each part. The original engine was sold and my brother had put a 305 with a 4-speed manual in it. Some parts may be missing from the first attempt at restoration but overall it is very straight with only some mild surface rust and we expect it to clean up real nice.

           As Kevin and I have been disassembling the old girl, my other sons Keith and Kyle have been getting more involved. My youngest son Kaden is still a bit little to be cranking a wrench but he does ask a lot of questions. This is turning into a real family project, and I'm hoping Dad can visit and get involved, too. He has a hot rod '41 Plymouth and knows a little more about cars and trucks. He has already made several suggestions.

           The Forums on the Bolt Page have been very helpful as we try to come up with an overall plan and have already saved us a lot of mistakes as we disassemble. Thank you for the site, the info, and the chance to see what others have done with their old bowties.

Ken Grimes
Bolter # 11280
Fallon, Nevada

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