Pete Griffiths'

1946 Chevy 2-Ton Truck

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05 March 2007
# 1863

From Pete :

           Here is my 1946 Chevy pickup truck. This is a restoration in progress. It's been quite hard so far. Living in the United Kingdom, it's hard to find good information and even harder to find parts.

           We actually brought this truck about two years ago. It has been sitting on the drive since then. We have just had a garage built especially to restore her, but we have come across so many problems. The chassis that is on it now is a Chevy C10 and it's too big and too wide. So we are trying hard to locate a Chevy S10 chassis (but only 2 wheel drive NOT 4). Being in England, these things are hard to come by.

           We were told that you can also use a Camero front clip and we are looking into this. So at the minute, we are at a slight stand still. So maybe I will just build a chassis myself and thanks to Stovebolt's excellent site, I can get the measurements from you!

           I hope I can get some more information about the truck. We bought it thinking it was a 1/2-ton 1943 Chevy pick up. But on looking further into this, we realized that it is in fact a 2-ton 1946 pickup as the front fenders are different. We think the pickup was built in or around New York.

           So if there is any one out there with more information, please email and let me know.

           We will keep you all updated with pictures.


Pete and Maria Griffiths
Bolter # 13868
Brighton, England

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