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1965 Chevy C-20 Longbed Fleetside

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10 November 2005

From Art :

             My search for a pickup began with all the usual practical criteria firmly in mind: fuel economy, bed size, etc. all wrapped up in a neat little package and, after much gum-flapping over many lunches, stamped with approval by my buddies at work.

             A well known Japanese brand lead the field of choices (you know the one). Off I went looking for ... er, one of those. Holy shift fork! They want a lot of money for those things! Even the skanky ones! And, no matter what kind of shape they're in, there's hardly any truck where the truck is supposed to be!

             "Hmm, maybe I need to re-think this whole thing" thought I.

             After careful consultation with my Stratocaster, I concluded that the pickup truck region of my brain had somehow become blocked. What I needed was a vision-quest.

             So I went on a 5-day cleansing diet (cheeseburgers and ice cream). This is what I call the "Dream Time." Between trips to the drive-thru and the fridge, wild visions appeared to me ... rusty cab corners, acres of sheet metal, vacuum operated wipers, rows of wood planks, all backed by a Delco radio with ignition static playing in the background.

             I awoke, staring at the chewing gum on the bottom of the kitchen table. A calm washed over me that only comes to those of us who have had a glimpse of their own fate. Immediately, I leapt into action (after I downed the rest of my fries). Word went out immediately to all my friends that I wanted an old Chevy pickup. Preferably a Task Force or a nice '60-'66 Fleetside. But I wasn't going to get too picky now that things were to be decided by that indefinable, mysterious and ethereal bringer of old vehicles.

             I could see the look of relief on my friend's faces. Like, they knew something had been terribly wrong with me before, but they didn't want to say anything because they knew that I didn't yet realize it.

             Anyway, after weeks of combing Crags List and craning my neck down every side street and in every open garage I passed by, I get this call from my buddy. Turns out, there's an old Chevy pickup parked on the street over in the town where he works in with a homemade "For Sale" sign on it. You know how sometimes you're just sure something is going to happen? Like, when you can smell the rain on the breeze before it actually starts raining? Here's what that mysterious force responsible for the redistribution of old vehicles brought me.

             So, here she is: a 1965 C20 Longbed Fleetside with the original 292/6 and a Muncie M20 4speed with a Hurst shifter.

             Many thanks for all your hard work on this great web site. It's the best resource by far for old GM trucks.


Art Green
Bolter #9105
Northern California

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