Gary Grant's

1955 First Series Chevy 3100

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17 April 2006
# 1503

From Gary:

       Greetings from New Hampshire. Here is a picture of our '55 First Series 3100.

       After doing alot of body work, we installed a '57 235 with the 848 head, t-5 transmission, an Astro van drive shaft, 12-volt conversion, and new paint on everything. It is nearly ready to drive. Now that the weather is warmer, we might have more time to finish it.

       We purchased the truck on a lead for a cab on another project we had under way. It turned out that this truck was in much better condition, so we decided to keep this one together and restore it instead. We've had two other advance design trucks in the past but we enjoy this one the most.

       The information on this forum is very helpful when working on these old trucks! Thank you very much.

Gary Grant
Bolter # 1703
Pembroke, New Hampshire

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