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A Cool Old Truck

Mike Gothan's

1933 Chevy 1/2-Ton CB

12 August 04

From Mike:

          Still working on the old girl but I can at least see the finish line now. I drive it to work on occassion and of course take in every car show I can. Frustration is the best description I can give for this project (or any restoration). I am still sending out emails and searching the web daily for the parts I'm missing. I swore this was it for me but then I came across a 1957 Olds that would make a great cruiser!! Now all I have to do is convince the other half that she would look real fine driving it down the strip !

          It's a 1933 Chevrolet 1/2-ton CB pickup.It's stock and except for a few things I'm still hunting for -- about done. When it's finished, we will sell it to start on a new project. (IF I CAN LET GO OF IT!)

          We live in North Idaho and have been here for the better part of 58 years.

          You have a great site so keep up the good work.



          Mike and Lisa Gotham
          Athol, Idaho


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