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1941 Chevy Pickup

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03 March 2007
# 1858

From Will :

           I have been told that my truck is a 1941 Chevy -- correct me if I am wrong. I scored this truck along with a 1955 Dodge pick-up and a 1988 GMC Sierra in exchange for several hard-to-find VW parts and a convertible Karmann Ghia that is in need of restoration.

           I tried searching first and found out where the VINs are located on the later trucks (1947-53) but not the 1941-47. As far as using the engine number to id the truck ... there is no engine! I did search the truck for the plate. It DOES have a plate on it, but it does not match any of the info I have found on the site. It turned out that the plate was from a much newer truck. Sigh ...

           I found several good sites to order parts for the classic Chevys starting in 1947, but what about the 1941-46? I am on the hunt for a bunch of stuff right now. Are there good "repo" metal fenders out there or are originals still able to be scored at reasonable prices?

           I will do some research on the truck as soon as I get home. I am currently stationed in Baghdad and won't have a chance to see my truck for another 4-5 months.

           I am looking forward to "tearing" into it and seeing what it actually needs. I was sorta thinking that alot of it can be re-done without replacement. I am not going to order anything for it until I have a "title" in my name.

           I look forward to getting started on this truck. I am also currently working on a 1972 Chevelle SS restoration. So this truck may take a while.

Will Gillespie
"Will G"
Bolter # 13938
Southern Arizona

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