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Cool Old Truck

Matt Gill's


1/2 Ton GMC

20 September  03  


From Matt 

Attached are photos of my '54 GMC, with 10,000 original miles.  I have only owned the truck for about a month now, and am currently acquiring the parts I need to get it running to really check it out.  It has sat outside for a lot of it's life, therefore it has quite a bit of surface rust, all the cab corners are rusted out and the chrome and pot metal are all pitted and need rechromed. 

I plan to get the truck running and roadworthy before really tearing into it and doing a restoration on it.  I have already found your website to be a valuable source of information on the old truck.  I will try to get some better pictures of it after I have it running. Thanks,

Matt Gill
Carrollton, Illinois

Curator "Matt - That is a beautiful truck.  I wouldn't change a thing!!!  Thanks for the great pictures and excellent submission!"

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