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Thomas Gibney's

1966 Chevy C-10


14 October 2004

From Tom

     Hey all! I just thought I would show off my new temporary paintjob! Moss green it's called .. actually close to CDF (California Deptment of Forrestry) green!

     What you can't see though is the rebuilt front end and the new rear coils and stabalizer arm. Granted this isn't totally professional. You have to understand that this ole' girl still hauls dirt and wood and lumber as well as 15 bags of cement and shes still going on! (Ok, not all at once but she's a workin' girl!)

     One of these days when I grow up, I'm going to strip her nekkid and do her right .. gee .. that sounds alittle too exciting .. time to get a life.

     Good luck to my fellow Stovebolters. I still run my 250 six banger with the three on the tree. Gotta love it!

Cheers and Keep On Truckin!

Tom Gibney
Placerville, CA

22 May 2003

From Tom

Hi there gang.

     I just wanted to pass along an updated photo of my '66.  I always enjoy your sight and the info you provide. I am hoping to be in southern CA for the big Chevy show in Paso Robles on the 22-23 of this month. Do you have a booth at these shows?

     In any case, after this Rozinante is going under the wrench. I intend to start rebuilding the suspension and doing the bed wood as well as a new coat of proper paint (same light blue). It's hard because I love to drive the old girl. I will keep ya posted as well as I will submit a little road trip story soon.

Thanks again and "Keep on Truckin"!

Thomas Gibney
Placerville, CA

July 00

Hi Folks!

     Just thought I would pass along a picture of my daily driver. My beloved 1966 C/10 full size.

     I named it after Don Quixote's horse, Rozinante. I bought her from a neighbor of mine for $48.00. Which is what it cost me for the four dumploads of roofing and junk that was piled in and around the truck.

     She still needs a lot of work Front end needs to be rebuilt and of course the bed wood. There is also that pesky little rocker / floor rust. But aside from these little maladies, has been the best and most reliable old vehicle I have ever owned.

     I have invested about $2000.00 in the last 5 years. including a 250 ci six that I got from a yard for three Ben Franklins four years ago. I have gotten a pretty good return on my investment I would say!

     Oh, really nice website you all got here! Thanks for your help and information.

Thomas Gibney
Novato, CA 

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