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1948 Chevy 3800

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10 April 2006
# 1497

From Dale:

       Hello Bolters. I have enjoyed the site!! There are others out there like me! Here is my 1948 Chevy 3800, with older upgrade to 230 CI six (after unloading from the trailer). The tappet cover was off to the side and water from the top air vent went down into engine. There was water in the oil pan.

       I had an extra 4.3 '92 TBI from a Blazer, and with the newer bell housing, it bolted up to the 4.3. I will retain the original top load transmission with PTO for the dump.

       The cab is off now and I replaced needed floor and lower salted parts. I have the cab coated with POR-15 now and am fabricating the '92 dash with correct computer harness for the motor. The cab has new corners, rockers, cowl, fender mounts, and first fitting of Blazer dash.

       Too bad I couldn't save original dash. The original dash and gauges were chopped or shot. The Blazer dash is close to correct width with trimming to fit door posts. I will have to add power windows to the doors as the window cranks would hit the new dash.

       The outside will be stock but interior will be '92 S-10. The end result is planned for the plow to be remounted and bed rebuilt with front and side boards. My Son-in-law, a cabinet maker, wants to build the side boards. The dump is to be operational. Previous, the 230 CI power steering pump was utilized to raise the plow. I didn't need it for the steering. Will try to retain that function on the 4.3 if I don't change original steering gear.

       This should supplement our yard snow removal equipment.

"Dale G"

Dale Gelling
Bolter # 10787

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