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1950 Chevy 1/2-Ton


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21 August 2006
# 1625

From Will :

           My truck is a 1950 Chevy 1/2-ton named Ernesto - my daughter Maddie named it. She always comes up with good nicknames - I guess she's just creative that way

           I brought Ernesto pretty much as seen in the pictures for only $1,500. Ernesto is a runner with a 216 straight six engine, 4 on the floor (with a granny first) and a top speed of 62 mph.

           I've had the truck for only about one year. A friend found it for me through another friend - both work in law enforcement on the state auto theft task force. Ernesto used to belong to a gentleman who also worked on this task force and had died of cancer a while ago. Seeing it in the garage caused his spouse much grief and so she just wanted to get rid of it. I offered to pay much more - not wanting to take advantage of her, but she refused and was happy knowing the truck was going to a good home. I promised her I would take good care of it and would finish the work her husband had started. I told her my plan was to give it to my son Howie when he was old enough, and that we would have fun working on it together with his older brother and our friends. Ernesto is a part of our family now and he gives us all a lot of joy

           The only work I've done on Ernesto thus far (with the help of several friends) is replace the brake system, replace the universal joint, give it a tune up and put in a new yellow pine bed with stainless steel braces and matching side rails (not seen in the pictures). I did use a kit for the bed but most of the boards were badly warped so ended up having to make a trip to the lumber yard. The previous owner did all of the engine work, replaced the upholstery and head board, updated the electrical system and gave it a nice paint job.

           I love driving it around town and people usually stop and want to talk about Ernesto. Most of the time I hear things like: "My grandfather had a truck just like that."

Will Gault
Bolter # 10413
Modesto, California

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