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A Cool Old Truck

Tony Gasiorowski's

1952 GMC 1/2-Ton

3 December 00

From Tony:

     The truck in the pictures are my '52 GMC. Bobby Royal took the pictures. I went to see his truck!! I always wanted to send pictures to you but couldn't!

     Here is the bio on the truck and me. I have always wanted a classic. This year for our anniversary, my wife said "I could get an old truck." I looked for about two months. I found this one in the Truck Trader.

     It is a 1952 GMC, five window, 1/2-ton, long bed. I'm the fourth owner of this one. It is darn close to original. 12 volt system and a couple of other things were added or changed. Top speed -- 40 to 45 mph but that is O.K. for now. The more people that have to pass me, the more get to see my truck. It has the 228 cid. six in it, with oil bath air cleaner, 4-speed, floor starter, and 4:11 gears.

     You see everybody chop, drop and change things. I just wanted a nice truck. People would stop and look at. Still be able to go to a tile store and toss 1,000 pieces of tile in the back.

     Here's one for you. In AZ you can run license plates from the year of your truck. I have a '52 truck and I just got a 1952 AZ plate for my truck. M.D.V. is clearing it now and I should be changing over next week. That will make my truck look to cool!!

Thanks for listening.

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