Chris Garcia's

1940 GMC Suburban

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13 December 2005
# 1316

From Chris:

             I thought I would share my new Holy Grail of trucks with the rest of the Bolters in Boltland. Basically, it's a 1940 GMC Suburban and is pretty much as it was in the '70's.

             I first saw this Burb about three years ago and ever since have had nightmares about how to get it into my hot little hands. Well after three years of torture, it now will be there by Saturday night.

             The truck basically is stock, except it has a newer 6 cylinder and rear end and a power glide auto, as well as the factory corvette rally wheels. As far as the history goes, I was told the Burb ran guys up and down the Fresno Valley for the railroad. The truck is in amazing shape. Lucky for me, the original owner had the smarts to keep it inside for most of its time of just sitting.

             I will submit more pictures as soon as I can.


Chris Garcia
Bolter # 9557
Sonora, California

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