Richard Gallahue's

1958 Chevy 3104 Shortbed Stepside

"The Beast"

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11 October 2005

From Richard:

       Here's the story as to how I wound up with this Chevy '58 3104 model, (shortbed stepside) with the side mounted spare. It goes back about 30 years ago. Back then, I was working my way through college at a gas station. I acquired a '59 1/2-ton at the time, which I fixed up and drove for about five years. It finally burned a valve. I got rid of it and have regretted it ever since. We went everywhere -- that truck and I.

       So about a year ago, I was looking on eBay, as I was interested in finding something to restore. I came across a number of trucks which piqued my interest in doing another '58 or '59. As I was familiar with the mechanics, I was looking for something that did not have a lot of rot. I eventually found this '58 out of Mississippi. It had no heater, no turn signals. It was a base model with the 235 and a three speed column shift. I am adding an original turn signal set to it as part of the rewiring portion of the project. It has earned the nickname "The Beast" as it has fought me tooth and nail all the way through its rebuilding. I hope that it takes on a better attitude one of these days.

       It was pretty much a one-owner farm truck and had spent most of its life living in an outbuilding, occasionally hauling feed and grain for the owners. It was picked up by a gentleman who did some cosmetic work on it. After some negotiations with the man, we struck a good deal and it found its way here to me in Southwest Florida.

       It's all original with the exception of the seat, front bumper and hubcaps. Right now it is on stands in my garage for “major renovations” which include a complete rebuilding of the front end, steering gear, brakes, new wiring throughout and taller rear end gears. Next year’s tasks include an engine overhaul, a new clutch, paint job and a fresh bed.

       I have had a lot of compliments on it so far. I intend to keep it stock, and hope to drive it in the Great Stovebolt Relay 2007 .

       The wife tolerates it. The cats love to sleep in (and on) it. And I can’t wait to finish it (if that ever happens).

       Thank you all for the great site. It has been a major source of help as I have progressed through rebuilding "The Beast."

Richard Gallahue
"Richard G."
Bolter #6213
Bonita Springs, FL

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