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A Cool Old Truck

Steve Gaj's

1949 GMC 1/2-Ton

"Mr. Pickle"

12 July 04

From Steve

     I have a '49 GMC 1/2-ton pickup that I've named Mr. Pickle. My neighborhood loves my truck. I found it in Aberdeen, NC in pretty good shape. It had the way oversized tires and appliance white racing wheels. With 96 horse power and not much braking power, it was quite a beast on the road!

     Since it was in very good shape, solid and mechanically sound, it's been mostly refurbishing and painting existing parts to make it the upstanding citizen it is today. It drives pretty good, now, if you don't mind the slow lane. More chance to enjoy the scenery that way. It's great to haul gardening supplies and have a cheeseburger at the local drive-in. Oh, yeah, the Christmas tree deliveries to friends and family. It's a great truck.

     I've restored or replaced door panels and handles, headliners, glove compartment, gauge bezels, and of course rebuilt the bed and designed and made the rails out of white oak w/ marine finish. Rims and tires are updates but I tried to retain a vintage feel with moons and trim rings. I'd love to have a little more power but I know I wouldn't be able to stop at just the engine. The front end, the rear end, the brakes, the steering and the list doesn't end. But, like I said,

      It's a great truck.

     Steve Gaj
     Raleigh, NC






     Christmas tree work - of any kind - is always a wonderful thing ~~ The Editor


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