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1962 Chevy C-10

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07 August 2006
# 1612

From Steve :

           Here is my wedding gift from my wife, a 1962 C10. The engine is a 350. The trans is a 4 speed (soon to be replaced with a 5 speed.) Overall, the truck is a nice driver. Parts to go on are power/disc brakes, power steering, dropped spindles.

           After looking at the T-5 set up and having to go through finding a used V-8 unit then a tail shaft and still having a trans that is weak. I gave Jeff (owner) of Classic Chevy a call. WAY helpful! He went though all items I would need and after talking with him it was VERY clear that he was interested in making sure that I was getting the correct product. Price-wise $2595 for the TKO 600 that is geared for my 3.73 rear gear.

           I guess I have a hard time wanting to buy a used T-5 trans that may or may not need a re-build, plus all the hassle of finding one and then the other parts needed. Having the speedo work and be correct -- another issue solved with the new trans. Best price I could find in four states around me was $700 for a used trans, plus the tail shaft at $250, plus a re-build kit for the trans. I was into the trans too much and knowing that it would still break if I abused it. So the choice was made to use the TKO unit.

           I will be happy to let you guys know how it goes and how easy (or not) it is to install and how it works once done.

           As for Classic Chevy, I give them a thumbs up. When I phoned, I had no idea who I was speaking to and I asked for nothing more than info about my set up. Jeff spent 45 minutes going over all the items that could be a problem -- speedo calibration, drive shaft, shifter location, clutch type I would need. On and on. REALLY a very nice experience.

           Now, I can't wait to get my new trans installed and see how nice it will be. The motor will be dynoed here as I am swapping cams. With up grades to the heads and new cam looking for 400hp (motor is 350 hp currently).

I do not mean to slam the T-5 set up but in the long run, that trans will not hold. So it would only be wasted money on my end. Those with very mild engines will do fine -- the gear ratio thing is here and there. As I have 3.73 and this over drive and first gear ratio are perfect, so it really should run great. I am planning on selling the stock one not sure if there is a market for it but I would let it go CHEAP. It works fine does not leak.

           I want to say thanks to my wife. I had forgotten how much fun it is to work on a old truck. I get so caught up in the Harley work here at the shop that I am glad to have a past time now.

Steve G
GMR Performance
Bolter # 11759
Prescott, Arizona

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