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A Cool Old Truck

Mitch and Boyd Fuller's

1942 GMC Moving Van

05 June 04

From Mitch


   Hey guys, well here it is finished. I guess people have been really trying to track us down!!! Well, since that picture, I've gotten it running and drive it almost everywhere. This truck is absolutely amazing!!! All I've done to it is change the oil, clean the gas tank, new spark plug wires and plugs, rebuilt the carb, primed the engine with oil, turn the key on and push the starter down, BAM she runs doesn't smoke, brakes perfect.

     I recently scraped the whole chasis and wire brushed it then POR-15 (rust proofed) the whole chasis, bought some new tires. I'm going to send you guys some new pictures of it as it is now KEEP IN MIND I HAVEN'T ALTERED ANYTHING!!!! Truck is almost 100% original. It's on Ebay now just search for 42 GMC COE Cabover, stovebolt, Pug nose anything that's associated with a cabover.

     If it doesn't sell please feel free to call me and inquire about this absolutly outstanding RIG. That e-mail didn't work for some reason so Fuller_44@hotmail.com is the one you want.


11 October  03  

From Mitch


     From what I know of this truck is that it's an extremely rare COE because GM didn't make any COE's for the public because this was a war year and all their effort went that way.  I've been eyeing it for about 20 years and bought it for a great deal!  


     The guy that I bought it from he drove it in the lot in '71 and I think it still runs.  I haven't gotten it home and looked in the engine yet.  I know it's a '42 because I have the original title that shows the year and the first year it was registered it was registered in '43. 


     If you have anymore info on these trucks about the engine or anything that I could use when I start looking around in it and get lost IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPREICIATED !!!! 

Mitch and Boyd

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