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A Cool Old Truck

Don Frye's

1952 3/4-Ton Pickup

11 July 2001

From Don:

     This is my daily driver that I call a 30 foot truck because it looks real good from 30 feet away. Once you get close up you can see the paint job the old farmer who owned it before me gave it. It's less than perfect but it adds character.

     I bought the truck just south of Dayton, OH for $1700 and trailered it home about 300 miles. I have replaced the tired and cracked 216 with a '56 235. I also replaced the rotted split rims with more conventional rims and radials. Other than that, its pretty stock.

     I use it as a work truck to haul things for my wife and to tow my boat. I plan to re-do the brakes this summer as they are in need of som attention. Other than that I plan to drive it as is at least for a couple more years and then we'll see about restoration. It looks pretty good in the photo but up close you can see the shoddy paint job an old farmer gave it.

     Oh well at least it protected it from rust.

Don Frye
Medina, OH


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