Jeff Fritts'

1948 Chevy 1-Ton

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28 August 2007
# 2036

From Jeff :

           I really enjoy looking at the variety of trucks in the Gallery. I would like to include my trucks. I have two -- this 1948 Chevy 1-ton and a 1953 Chevy 3100 1/2-ton 5-window.

           I picked up this truck on a trade when I sold a 1973 VW Super Beetle which I restored about two years ago. The guy wanted to move the truck. He said that he didn't have room in his yard for it. He couldn't get it to run either.

           We hauled the truck over to my house and dropped it next to my barn. It sat there for several weeks. One day I decided I would tinker with the old truck a bit and in about 30 minutes, it was running. Not well ... but running!

           After replacing several electrical parts (coil, points, distributor cap, rotary button and the wire from the coil to the switch), it now starts every time.

           It is presently in the shop having the carburetor and rear brakes overhauled. It should be road worthy in just a few days. The body is in great shape. At some time in the past, it had been rebuilt, so it's in good condition otherwise.

           I have plans to replace the felt in the windows, door seals and windlace. I am anxious to see how it drives on the road.

Jeff Fritts
Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee

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