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1956 Chevy 1/2-Ton 3105


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22 May 2006
# 1530

From Frank:

           Hi there. I've been visiting your site for years and finally joined. I really appreciate what you've done to bring together the community of 'Bolters' on the internet. The Swap Meet, technical articles and 'sagas' are all daily stops for me.

           I'm attaching pictures of "Wheezie," my half-ton 1956 Chevy 3105. I've owned this truck for about nine years now after purchasing her from a guy named Tommy Campbell who was on his way from Torrance, CA to the Four Territories and wanted cash to plunk down for a piece of land up there. I'm the fourth owner.

           Though she doesn't look like much at this point, she runs great. I've redone the driveline from front to back throughout the years -- one project at a time with big gaps in between! The original 235 has been rebuilt and beefed up a bit with dual Offy intake and dual Fenton exhaust and is coupled to the original four speed. Brakes have been rebuilt, etc. She's very dependable. In fact, she's my daily driver!

           The next step, of course, is body work and paint. I've had a set of rear doors, front doors, fenders and miscellaneous sheet metal parts at a body shop for the last two years now and the guy who owns the place keeps telling me he's about two weeks from finishing. That's what I get for telling him to take his time! When (if?) he's done, I'll have the tub done as well and return her to the original Ocean Green.

           One project I'm looking forward to is that I'm going to upgrade the interior storage space so that it's all sheathed in woods from the South Pacific. I've been collecting mahogany, teak, even bamboo, and will be using these materials to make the storage area look a great deal homier. My wife and I use the truck to camp along the coast and search for waves. So I'm going to make the ol' truck a bit more seaworthy!

           When I'm finally done with Wheezie, I'll start looking for a Task Force 1.5 or 2 tonner to restore ... maybe a dump, or maybe a NAPCO (though I understand they're really hard to find). If anyone has knowledge of one sitting around out there .... well, let me know!

           Thanks again for publishing such a fantastic resource for Bolters!

Frank Freitas
Bolter # 11014
Berkeley, California

           Frank, thanks for all the kind remarks. It's all these folks (like you) who make this site fun and worth it all. ~~ Editor

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