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1954 Chevrolet Flatbed
1952 Chevy Cherry Picker

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Ol' Jewel and Ol' Red

Owned by Shelly Frazier
Bolter # 16552
Logan, New Mexico

28 April 2008
# 2314 & #2315

From Shelly :

           Here is a pic of our 1954 Flatbed (Ol' Jewel) and our 1952 Cherry Picker (Ol' Red).

           My son Joe and I were going to pickup a rear end that a guy had given us. Joe had not driven a standard much. So going home to get the Cherry Picker, I told him he was going to have to drive Ol' Jewel over there. He said he didn't think he could drive it.

           So we were going down this little two rut road behind the house, and I figured now is as good a time as any. I was in second or third gear just puttin' along. I just climbed out of the truck on to the runnin' board (the same way Dad taught me) and told Joe, "It's all yours."

           He looked at me kinda funny and finally jumped over there and grabbed the steering wheel. After a little bit calmed down.

           I told him how to shift gears and work the clutch and gas so it wouldn't jump around. I told him to pump on the brakes a little to get some pedal (still need to bleed them thangs!). So when we got home, he was pretty confident that he could drive it over there. Only about three miles down the back road. I thought, "What Could Happen????"

           Just recently got Ol' Jewel reliable, so I'm still lackin' some minor things like insurance and registration and tags and stuff. But she's running good.

           So we head out. I'm in front driving the Cherry Picker and Joe's in back driving Ol' Jewel, the flatbed. We get about half way over there and of course run into a State Police Officer. So I just wave real big and he waves back. I'm looking in the rear view to see if Joe's on the road or not, and to see if there are any red flashing lights or anything.

           Everything looks good so we just keep on going. We get over there and position the trucks and are loading the rearend (Joe's up on the Cherry Picker running it; I'm the ground man). He's 13 years old by the way. I ask him, "Joe what did you do when you met that State Cop?" He said, " I just sat up real tall and dropped the sun visor and waved real big."

           Dang, I taught that boy well. I just about fell on the ground laughing.

           Anyhow we get the rearend loaded and head home. Course about halfway home, Ol' Red quits running. I pull over and Joe goes by and just keeps on going about 300 yards. I'm thinkin' he's just going to leave me out here on the side of the road? He's got the tool bucket on Ol' Jewel, of course.

           So, I pull the plugs and give him some more new gas and away we go. Think I need a new set of points, but didn't have any that day. Oh yea -- another State Cop goes by again when we were broke down. He didn't stop. Guess he figured I could fix it. Happy he didn't stop.

           I got a bunch more road trip stories I'll send when I get time to sit down and write.



1950 Model 3100 (My first vehicle) - Ol' Turq
1954 Model 6500 Flatbed - Ol' Jewel
1952 Model 6400 Cherry Picker - Ol' Red
19?? Chevy Loadmaster - Ol' Shorty
1965 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible
1946 Chevy 3/4-ton - Ol' Bucktooth


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