Phillip Frazier's

1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 Stepside

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30 August 2005

From Philip: 

       My 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 Stepside was purchased new from the local dealership in October 1961 by my Father-in-law's next door neighbor. He had a stroke a short time later, and it remained parked in his garage until he died in 1970. My Father-in-law bought it from the estate with 4,000 miles on it for $900. I bought it from him in 1980 for $500 with 75,000 miles. It now has 88,000 and drives and rides great.

       Except for a few engine parts like fuel pump, water pump and coil, and a couple of after-market replacements (mirrors, tailgate chains, wooden bed), everything is pretty much original to this truck . The hubcaps, wheels, emblems, grille, bumpers, wiring harnesses, radiator, generator, starter, engine, transmission, differential, all body panels, etc. are all on it since new. Original purchase and warranty documents are in the glove box along with the original Owners Manual. It has the original "upgrade" Ruffneck rear bumper (from Smash-Rite in Waco, Texas) with the Dealership's name and city engraved in it. The engine has never been into and the only bondo is in a few dings in the door and tailgate, and where I plugged the holes from the California side mirrors my Father-in-law put on.

       I did an on-frame restoration about five years ago and had it painted the original Brigade Blue with Cameo White. The restoration was probably easier than most because everything was there and working, although it was hard enough for a total novice. I still want to install an original-style radio and remove the after-market turn signal and try to get the original in-column turn signals working again.

       While not a show caliber truck, it's a great driver and it's pretty cool to know the history of the truck since it rolled off the showroom floor. My grandson has made sure his name is on it in the will.

       There was a small problem with it recently which the guys in the forum were most helpful on. That's what got me to The Stovebolt Page in the first place, and I wanted them to see what we all had been working on.

       While not a Chevy or a truck, I also included one picture of my truck's best friend, my '65 Mustang.

Phillip Frazier
Bolter #8699
Willow Park, Texas

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