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A Cool Old Truck

Lenn Frappied's

1948 GMC 1/2-ton

12 October 00

From Lenn Frappied

     Hello John, let me start by saying I'm a big fan of The Stovebolt Page. Here are some pictures (yikes, Lenn sent 13 pictures ... we could only post some ... if you want to see more, contact him ... he's got some great shots! -- Editor) of my 1948 GMC 1/2 ton truck. It is about 95% complete. It runs and drives very well at about 48 MPH.

     This is an original canadian built truck that I purchased along with a 1951 Chev 1/2 ton five window cab. I owe a special thanks to John MacDonald from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada for allowing me to purchase the two trucks in an effort to build one.



     This truck was built on a completely clean, sandblasted and painted 1951 Chev frame with all new (but original) suspension, steering and drive train. Most everything is new old stock or original. The outside visor is aluminium (fulton sun shield) and has been polished to look like chrome.

     With the exception of the Chev hub caps and the frame itself, it is all GMC.

     Thank You for providing such a great web page that allows truck lovers a chance to dream and to visualize what their dreams may look like.



Lenn Frappied
Alberta, Canada

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