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Cool Old Truck

Mark Fowler's

1968 "Project C-10"

12 July 03 Update


Here's another update.  In this picture you see his and hers but his is not the one you might think it is. Care to take a guess?  Another one for the collection. 1970 Chevy Blazer with Rallye Green paint.  We fondly call it "MEAN GREEN". 

Did Chevrolet make any trucks other than 67-72? I wonder some times. 

Thanks, Mark Fowler


06 April 03 Update



This is Mark again. I have got new photo for you of my truck. The engine is now installed the paint is on (minus the tailgate) and I am starting on the interior. 

Please update my e-mail address. 

Thanks, Mark Fowler

 curator - "we're on it Mark!  wow, what a difference a paint job makes!"

29 October 01 Update

From Mark

    Well, here's the latest. The suspension is finally finished. I just added 2 1/2" spindles and the pictures show the end results.

    Yes, that is only 1/8" ground clearance between the lower control arm and the ground!

Mark Fowler


20 September 01 Update

     Here's an update of the progress of my truck, the cab is now painted and the air bags are installed, coming soon.....454.




01 March 01

     The truck I am working on is a '68. It has a new 350 in the works, 305 turbo, and factory differential. It has 17'" aluminum wheels. I made the aluminum fuel cell and bedcover for it. It also has a rear rolled pan.

     You can see from the photo that I have smoothed the firewall. When finished, it will have a Vintage Air a/c system on it. The previous owner changed it over to five-lug with the front disc brakes. It will be painted Prowler Yellow. I should finish it up in about 2- months. I will definitely send pics when finished.


Mark Fowler
Mineola, Texas

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