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1957 GMC 1-Ton

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05 September 2006
# 1648

From Lane :

          I purchased this vehicle in order to mount the cab and body on some newer frame and drive train.

          The “Vintage Vehicle Restoration Kit ” that I received from GM of Canada supplied the following information:

Vehicle: 1957 GMC Pickup
VIN: 79314809605
Wheels: Black
Paint: 004 - Alpine Blue
Body Number: 23183
Production Plant: Oshawa, Ontario
Production Date: June 13, 1957
  Shipping Date: September 25, 1957
Model Number: 9314 - Pickup
Engine: 235 CID 140 HP 6 Cylinder
Engine Number: 266498
Dealer: Sold In Manitoba (Dealer not recorded)
Number Produced for sale in Canada: 2,656

          The plate in the truck reads “S/N 79314809605, Eng C266498” which (apparently) would indicate that it is a 1957 ½-ton short box Stepside. As you can see from the pictures, it is on a 1-ton extra-long box frame.

          After delivery, I began gutting what was left of the vehicle. The cab had been cleaned out by someone prior to me so there was not a lot left to do (or to work with!).

          The body seems pretty solid. Some replacement panels had been brazed in by some previous owner. They look to be lined up pretty well so I may not have to do much replacement work.

          The frame shows that someone had mounted a V-8 engine in it at sometime (they also cut out the transmission cross-member).

          To this point, most of my work has been in cleaning up the cab and preparing it to be lifted off the frame.

          I purchased a 1959 Chevy 1/2-ton to use as a parts source for this truck project. I have gotten what I need off of it and donated it to ColinB (a young Bolter) to help him out.

          So now, I'll continue on with cleaning up the GMC. I’ll be finishing the truck as a ’59 Chevy (love the dual headlights!  It’s also easier to find Chevy parts than GMC parts!). So stay tuned (although this may take a while!).

Lane Fotty
Bolter # 8515
Leduc, Alberta

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