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A Cool Old Truck

Don Forbes's

1950 3/4-Ton Pickup

Howdy from Colorado!

    I am the proud owner of a 1950 chevy 3/4 ton (3600). We have put in a 283 and a power glide tranny, not to mention a kit to use disc brakes from a '76 Monte Carlo.

    We changed it a bit because it was to slow going anywhere in it -- 50 miles an hour and it seemed to be shaking apart! So we put in the 283 and a power glide transmission. We then installed the disc brake kit to the front. Thats why there are chrome rims on the front. The differential is next, but it seems everytime I get the money saved up to buy a different diff something else breaks.  (Ed. Note: Welcome to the Old Truck World, Don) Last time it was the radiator (it now has a NEW radiator!).

    Any way that is why it still has 8 lug split rims on the back and not on the front. BUT IS ANY TRUCK REALLY FINISHED? (Ed. Note: No. Well, actually, it is finished when Mrs. says it is FINISHED.) We only have $5,000.00 in it at this point. Which just goes to show you that you can have a nice, fairly modern truck for less than buying a new or used one!

Don Forbes

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