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A Cool Old Truck

Eddie Flowers'

1965 Chevy C-10 Stepside

20 September 04

From Eddie:

          Stock 1965 C-10 Stepside 230 engine with 3 on the tree. Mileage 114,000.

          My Dad bought this truck new in December of 1964 for a service truck when he was in the service station business. He retired in 1970 and move to North Alabama. The truck was his daily driver, and like clock work he would lube and change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles. I think if he were on the road and the odometer rolled over that 3,000 mark, he would pull to the side of the road and service it.

          He gave the truck to me eight years ago and it stayed in storage at his home until last year. It took a little work to get it road ready. Did complete brake overhaul, major tune-up, set of tires and shocks, water pump and lube and oil change. Wash and waxed it, then drove it back to Louisiana. Never missed a lick.

          Plans are to keep it stock. I will install a new bed and repair some small dings.

William " Eddie" Flowers
Metairie, LA

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