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1929 Chevy 1.5-Ton

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15 November 2006
# 1723

From Bobby :

          My latest project is this 1929 Chevy truck. I first saw this truck sitting in a friend’s backyard in Cleveland, Oklahoma. When I asked about it, I found out that it was owned by my friend’s Father. It took me about three years to talk the guy out of it, but I eventually got it in exchange for refurbishing another vehicle.

          When I brought the truck home, it was covered in rust and didn't run. It had set for 10 to 15 years and the motor was shot. I replaced the old motor with a 1953 235-power glide engine that I got from a fellow Stovebolt member (fireout1). It now runs.

          I plan to restore the truck as close to original as possible. Finding all the information I need to do that is sometimes difficult with a truck this old, but I’ve gotten some helpful tips from a few different Stovebolt members on the message board.


          Iíve replaced some of the wood inside and some of the instruments. It still needs a lot of work. I will post more pictures as I get more completed. The pictures included here are from when I first bought the truck before anything was done to it, and after I sprayed a coat of cheap tractor paint on it to keep it from rusting.


Bobby Fields
Bolter # 7006
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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