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1948 Chevy Thriftmaster 3/4-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Dave Fein
Bolter # 18199
Sandia Park, New Mexico
16 June 2008
# 2351

From Dave :

           Here is my 1948 Chevy Thriftmaster, 3/4-ton, with corner windows, 4-speed, and a 235 engine. Add-on features include bed height extensions, rear window protector, spotlight.

           When I moved to New Mexico (June of 1994) from New Lebanon Center, New York, I had to sell my 1948 Chevy Stylemaster car and give away my two Chevy trucks. The 1 ton flat bed I gave to Bob Adler, up there in Stephentown. The 1/2-ton went to my Brother-in-law in New Jersey.

           So when I moved to NM, I swore I was going to get another project truck. Well, it took only a few months looking through car and truck ads and I found what looked like a winner. This truck worked on a farm in Los Lunas, New Mexico, from 1948 to 1994 when I rescued it. It was tired and beat up from working the muddy fields and delivering wood.

           The truck had a spot light, corner windows, 4 speed, 3/4-ton, 235 motor, a glass bowl fuel pump, glass bowl filter located next to the carburetor, the bed had an extension to make it higher with a really nice back window protector. The truck ran but the rear passenger side had a bad bearing seal which fowled the brakes.

           Well, the '48 lived in my garage for 14 years when I finally decided to restore it (just this month)! I really enjoy working on the truck. Right now I'm currently working on the electrical system -- inside the dashboard. The speedometer is pretty bad. The speed indicator is broken off and the numbers are faded or gone. Ugh. The Ammeter, oil, gas are ok. I have decided to replace all the wiring. The carter carburetor needs a rebuild. Ill try some cleaner first. Fun Fun fun.

           The truck came with 15 inch rims which I took off and am now using 750-16 tires on Ford split Budd rims. So far, they haven't bothered the front end. I like big tires and I miss my 700-17 on the 1-ton I gave away.

           The air horn I found at the Sante Fe flea market will be part of the truck. It's electric and looks like something from the 1940's.

           I also have a sun visor that I'm going to put on once I paint the truck. It'll be light blue and black for the running boards.

           I have some neat blinkers for the front fenders. I came across some bus blinkers at Hershey, Pennsylvania years ago.

           This is going to be a fun truck! Right now I have fixed the bearing seal, new spark plugs, new fuel pump, tires, new ignition switch. The wiring is awful. So I'm working in the dash board.

           Thank God for Stovebolt. I got so many useful tips from the Stovebolt Collective!.


Dave Fein

           Good story. Neat truck (cool air horn ). And I asked Dave about his Stovebolt handle: "Oh, the "t153624" is just the firing order of our beloved Stovebolt 6." Very cool! We look forward to your updates. And me thinks you should get a photo hosting site. We are going to want muchos pictures, senior! ~ Editor


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