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Cool Old Truck

Greg Falls'

1950 Chevrolet 1300 (it's Canadian eh!)

10 October 02

From Greg

Good evening Sir;

My name is Greg Falls and I live in Halfmoon Bay ,British Columbia, Canada. I have been a guest of the Stovepage for a couple of years and I am currently registered with your Forum under the login name of Niagara.

The Stovebolt website is an excellent source of data on these wonderful old trucks complete with a unique bunch of characters . I check out the Forum Pages daily.

Attached is an action photo of my Canadian built 1950 Chevrolet 1300 series, 5 window, 216ci, 4 speed, 6volt truck,travelling at it's top speed of 45-50 MPH.

The old yellow truck is gas to drive...and should give me and a my gal many years of enjoyment.
I have owned this truck since May 2000 and I have noticed that when I go cruizin' ...Women smile, men weep and dogs beg for rides!

Regards, Greg Falls

Curator "Thanks for the picture Greg, it is sure to be an inspiration to many here!;

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