Sam Everhart's

1967 Chevy Shortbed Stepside

"Mike Shortie"

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05 January 2007
# 1771

From Sam :

           This is Mike, my 1967 Chevy I bought off a friend of mine's Mom back in the spring. I have always loved this body style, especially this year. No side markers, factory smooth. As far as I know, I am the fourth or fifth owner. It has spent its life going from one farm to another.

           Carlin and her husband bought it about eight or nine years ago with the intension of restoring it. I wanted it the very first time I saw it and spent numerous hour drooling over it -- and on it. Sadly, her husband Billy died about two years ago and the truck sat. It took her that long to finally start letting go. My friend Chris told me that she needed some financial help. I stopped in one day after work with the truck in mind but didn't say a word about it. We talked for awhile and when I was leaving, out of no where she asked me if I knew of any one that would be interested in an old '67 Chevy.

           I could not believe my ears and asked if she was sure. I told her that I was "a person interested" and a couple of weeks later, money was exchanged.

           It had been driven only a few times before I got it and that took some time. Carlin had to file for a lost title and the DMV was having troubles. It took the whole summer to get it. It killed me to know I had finally got my dream truck and could not drive it.

           Since then, I have only given it a tune up, HEI, and some good used tires on the front. It's all original accept for the engine and trans which were replaced by what came out of it -- straight six, three on the tree and I LOVE IT! Right down to rust and rattles.

           I would love to restore it but I don't know when I'll be able to. For now I'm going to work on getting the mechanicals sound and enjoy driving it.

           The original owner had his name penned on the doors. There are a ton of long bed Fleets and only one other shortbed Stepside around here that I know of. So, I dub thee "Mike Shortie" born in 1967.

           Thank you for all the work you guys do. I really dig the site. New vehicles are cool but none have the character of classic rides. No matter what the condition.

Sam Everhart
Shelbyville, Indiana

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