Warner Ettenger's

1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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05 August 2005

From Warner: 

       You all have a great web site with a wealth of knowledge. The first thing I do when I get home, after kissing the wife of course, is to check The Stovebolt Page Forum. I really enjoy all the discussion and information.

       My wife told me to get a hobby. So since I don't fish or play golf, I got my pickup. I bought the 1946 Chevy pickup 1/2-ton in April 2004. I've always loved the art deco trucks. I wanted a truck as a driver.

       Since I bought the pickup I've changed the 216 for a 235 and added a T-5 transmission from Tom Langdon (GREAT HELP). I also installed a Mustang II IFS from TCI.

       I'm now trying to repaint the pickup and get some chrome re-done. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. Also need some work on the dash cluster.

       I have really enjoyed riding around with the windshield out and window's down. Sure is better than on a motorcycle. Don't mean to hurt any feelings.

Warner Ettenger
Gilbert, S.C.

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