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A Cool Old Truck

Rodrigo Espinosa's

1978 Chevy Veraneio
(Brazilian C-10)

20 November 2001

From Rodrigo:

        This is my truck. Its a Chevrolet Veraneio 1978. It derives from a Brazilian version of C-10 pick-up, that looks very similar to '60s American Chevy trucks. That is.

        I really love Suburbans and old Chevys, but I never find any information about the truck made here. In case you never saw this model, it has a 235 inline-6 engine, 4 speed gearbox on floor. It was produced from 1966 to 1987, with same body, just changing grill and bumpers. With two entire seats, it carries 6 passengers.

        Until 1977, it comes with 3 speed gearbox. From '66 to '69, it was named C-1416. As you see, the main difference is that it haa 4 passenger doors and a entire back-door that opens up. And a little bit aerodynamic body that American '60s Burbs.

        Actually, Im disassembling the car, and taking more and better photos. It will receive a new paint, yellow-white-yellow, like Jim Beidatsch Burb, new wheels and tires and will be lowered at front axle about 2".

        Well, that's all. It appear to be old, but is just a 23 years-old girl. If you think it can appear at Stovebolt pages, Ill apreciate it.

Rodrigo Espinosa

ICQ 2228236 P.S.: The blue truck (above) is an original '67, only for comparision.

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