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A Cool Old Truck

Wayne Erickson's

1937 1/2-Ton Pickup

From Wayne,

            Here is the background on this truck: It is a 1937 1/2 ton pickup. It was purchased new in 1937 by my Grandfather in Ellensburg, WA. He traded a 1932 Chevrolet coupe in on it. This truck was his one and only farm truck and was actively used as such until the mid 1960's. Unlike most farm trucks, this one actually was parked in a garage when it was not being driven.

            In the late 60's my younger brother got the truck and did its first restoration. He drove the truck to high school during that time. With my brother's time being consumed by college and newer vehicles, the truck was left at my parents' house. They needed the garage space so the truck got sold in the early 70's.

            Fast forward to the 80's. My older brother is driving in Seattle and spots Grandpa's truck parked along the road. He stopped at the house to inquire about the truck. The owner was the same person who we had sold the truck to years earlier. We offered to buy the truck back but it was not for sale. My brother told the owner that if he ever changed his mind to call us first. A year later he did and the truck was back in our family again. I had the space and the desire to have the truck so it lives at my house now.

            It was time to go through the truck again so its second restoration was done in the mid 1980's. The color is the original two tone blue and black and except for some brief periods in primer, the truck has always been this color. It is basically stock but does have the optional "town and country" horns. With the gas tank under the seat it keeps that great dust and gasoline smell that I remember as a kid riding to town with my Grandpa.


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