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A Cool Old Truck

George Erickson's

1954 Chevy Stepvan

23 August 04

From George:

          I have a very unique truck different than McCawley's truck. It is a Chevy step van with a Boyartown body. It is what my grandfather, who bought it for the business, calls a "walk-in."

          The trucks on this site in the 1954 and the 1955-2 column are the closest things that I've found to my truck. It has been in our family business since the early 80's and we just decided to restore it with our old 1950's paint job, if we get that far.

          Our candy distribution company began in 1951. The truck has no heat (except for what we later added, while the truck was still in use) goes 45, only one seat and would be all open if it wasn't for the particleboard wall that was put in behind the seat.

         It has significant rust on the tops and bottoms of the sides and has the worst of it around the windshield.


          We are currently in the process of getting it started but it shouldn't be a problem. We jsut need a part that you can get froma Pep boys. Also, it is a Boyartown body, not aluminum, so that may be a big difference between this and McCawley's and Otto's. But it is difficult to find parts for it and this site could help.

George Erickson

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