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1952 Chevy 3600


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12 October 2005

From Brice:

        Allow me to introduce Peaceman, a 1952 Chevy 3600 . He has been an active fellow and picked up a few parts from here and there -- such as a 1962 235 motor, 12-volt system, one locking door handle and one not, a bent front bumper, different hood, a lot of arc welding on one rear fender, etc.

        I found him on a local bulletin board a month ago. I went to "just take a look" as I told my wife. Peaceman's previous owner was a local art teacher who had masked off the windows of the truck and let his students have at it. Thus the distinctive paint scheme and reaction of some viewers saying "peace man." (Here's a bigger picture to see some of the detail "paintings." ~~ Editor)

        He offered a test drive. I happily accepted and away we went. After showing me the shifting pattern and pointing out the slightly picky 4th gear, we switched drivers.

        I love the feel of these old trucks -- simple, straight forward, solid. Peaceman however had enough joyriding for the day and cut off the flow of fuel. As we pushed him back to the driveway with the man apologizing all the way (he had told me Peaceman was a reliable truck) the decision to buy was made. A few days later, with fuel problem seemingly fixed, my brother and I picked up Peaceman. We loaded up some 20 year's of spare parts and waved good bye as the man took pictures of his old friend leaving.

        We made it about two miles before the fuel cut off, again. After playing around with it, we found the fuel tank was clogged. So we towed it the rest of the way to my store. Lucky for me in the spare parts there was a fuel tank in ok condition.

        So Peaceman should be back on the road soon. My wife has set a few conditions on Peaceman. One is a solid color paint job and the other is he must be kept in running order. I am still weighing what direction I will take with restoring. In the mean time until I have a indoor work area, I plan on slowing down the rust and keep on driving it .

Brice Erickson
Bolter # 8668
Pullman, WA

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