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1954 Chevy 3600

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24 August 2005

From Steve: 

       My first "old Chevy" -- 1954 3600 Chevy. Just purchased from CA and in the process of being shipped to me in Texas. I have been looking at '54 Chevy pickups for several years and finally decided I had to buy one. All I have is pictures.

       We are only in Texas part time, so I wanted a daily driver as opposed to a fixer upper. I would prefer to have it here in Pennsylvania so I could work on it and drive it more, but we just don't have any room.

       So, it'll be in Texas.

       Also, being a novice, I can get my hands dirty and still have a driveable vehicle. This is my first classic truck. Things I would like to do include restoring the bed - it has not been done. Also, upgrading from drum to disk brakes and possibly upgrading the suspension. Who knows, maybe down the road even swapping out for a bigger engine. Not sure though because I have mixed emotions about staying close to original vs rodding.

       The truck was picked up in LA yesterday and will be delivered to Texas later this week. I will be in Texas next week for my first in person look and drive. Very excited!!! I will make sure I take lots of pictures.

       The previous owner named the truck "Carmen Jones" after the 1954 movie of the same name. I'm not sure if I will keep the name or change it. I need to see and drive the truck to see if it feels like a "Carmen" or some other name.

       Thanks for including my truck.


Steve Erb
"Carmen 3600"
Bolter # 11856
PA and Texas

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