Grant Ensrud's

1964 GMC Dump Truck

"Big Ugly"

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11 April 2007
# 1914

From Grant :

           Wow, I haven’t been around much. It's been a lot of work trying to get a new business off the ground, making the move from just trucking to excavation. No more big trucks, just a couple of two tons and some small equipment.

           Some of you have seen my 1956 Chevy dump truck that I am building but not many have seen the 1964 GMC that I picked up at the beginning of March. I have affectionately started calling her "Big Ugly."

           I got this truck from a friend for rebuilding the steering box in his Mack. I have since put about $1500 in to it. It runs real good. I had to rob the transmission from the '56 for it, rewire it, and a few other things. But it was only a few days before it was ready for the road.

           This truck is a little rusty and not as nice as the '56. She is able to fill the gap and work right now which allows me to get some work done while I finish the '56. Plus, she has character!

           This new truck will be a great addition to the fleet. She stays with the classic truck theme that I am trying to keep and she has a 12 Cy box that will work perfect for high bulk, light materials like bark brush and stumps. I plan on using her like she is now till I finish the '56 which will be a way cool truck when I am done.

            So, the Big Ugly has been working for me for a few weeks and has preformed flawlessly. So, I gave her a good floor with some gray boat carpet that I had kicking around the shop.

           The 496 stroker for the '56 is done but I have to make some more money too bring it home. I have been spending like the world is coming to an end. Have picked up some good jobs and the work keeps rolling in. So hopefully I won’t have to put another notch in my belt before some of the money starts to come in.

         If you haven’t seen it give it a look and read what I have planed for her. Pictures of both of them are on my Web shots page. Here's some more of the details of Big Ugly in the Big Bolts forum!

Grant Ensrud
Bolter # 12065
Washington State

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