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Cool Old Truck

Rob English's


GMC 253-24 1-Ton Dually

22 June  03  

From Rob

Here's my 1954 GMC DeLuxe Cab Hydra-Matic Dually which is now in the old stovebolt garage going through changes, improvements, repair, and awaiting it's next assignment.  

I sold my '51 GMC Suburban a number of years back and have wanted another truck to tinker with.  So far, this one has provided exactly what I wanted; a lot of tinkering and no driving.  This is a pretty unusual (rare?) truck because it is a one ton dually with a Hydra-Matic and Deluxe cab option.  

It has 18" wheels and it was an eBay success story in that I bought this truck out of Frankfurt Kansas on eBay for $800.  It was a running driving registered original that is surprisingly clean and all together.  I plan to remove the flatbed and install a dump body and put it into service as my manure mover here on el Kooko Rancho.

Rob English


Curator "Rob - Thanks for another great submission!."

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