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Cool Old Truck

Rob English's


GMC 152-22 Huckster

22 June  03  

From Rob      

I have had my 1951 GMC ton Huckster since it was 40 years old.  It was a 20k mile original barn fresh creampuff when I found it.  I was the 3rd owner and the 2nd owner was a junkyard who saw it for what it was and put in inside storage fortunately.  It still had all the original paperwork in the glovebox along with the key and key case from the dealer. This truck spent it's entire life in a trailer park moving trailers and picking up trash until it retired in 1967 following the death of its owner.  It stayed in his barn until 1983 when his wife passed away and then Howard Dunbar of Dunbar's Junkyard in Milford Mass bought it at an estate sale and tucked in his barn for future use/restoration but never got around to the project.  I was tipped off to this truck by my buddy Jimmy Balfour who knew I was looking for an old GMC.  (curator - "when are you not looking for an old GMC?")

It has treated me well.  I completed the cosmetic restoration in 1994 and have driven it extensively locally until this year (2003) when I started the summer with a 800 mile ride to the ATHS show in Syracuse NY followed two weeks later by a 300 mile ride to a show in Hildene Vermont. This truck runs like new and has been very good to me.

Rob English



Curator "Rob - Thanks for a great submission!  You have done a beautiful job of preserving a rare piece of automotive history."

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