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1952 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Jeff Engel

05 April 2010 Update
# 1564

From Jeff :

Everybody comments "Cool truck," about my old truck so I thought I'd share a fresh picture with my friends on the Stovebolt.

The old Advance Design is not quite a complete frame off restoration, but most everything has been either replaced, rebuilt, or restored.

I took the engine down to the short block and cleaned, painted and reinstalled all the parts and accessories. That included rebuilding the carburetor, restoring the original oil bath air cleaner and Fram oil filter assembly and installing a new fuel pump.

I removed the original transmission and replaced it with a newer one out of a 1962 3/4-ton. Went through the brakes including putting discs on the front, installed new lines, and master cylinder.

All of the weather stripping, rubber, and glass has been replaced with new. I also completely restored the interior back to original condition, with exception of the seat cover. It's also now sporting a newly restored original heater, new wiring harness, lights and wipers. The bed wood has been replaced as well.

Since the '52's original engine had already been upgraded years ago, I didn't hesitate to deviate from the completely stock configuration. Changes included the front disc brakes as already mentioned, side exit exhaust, column mounted tachometer, and the powder coated Cragars with new tires.

When I get those positive "Cool Truck" comments, I can only just smile and say thanks.

So, thank you for the great web site, and thanks to everyone that helped me with my "Old Beater."


19 June 2006
# 1564

From Jeff:

           I pulled this mostly original '52 from the field out behind the shed where it had been sitting for eight years. It had very minor rust and was fairly straight. I could not believe it. It even has the original wiring ! Guy, younger fellow, 25-somthing, said it was running "when he parked it !" I don't think so -- too many parts missing from the engine -- wires, plugs, etc.

           The engine is a 1960 235. The transmission, 4 speed, appears original and still has the enclosed driveshaft.

           The the sign on the door is just "Mobilgas painted on." No other history on the truck other than it was California-built.

           Long story short, after numerous hours of checking and fixing, it started. Then I find out the block was cracked. But not terribly bad. So I pulled the head and all looked good. So the block sealer was up first and it worked.!

           So now I have everything working and beginning to order parts. I have other photos if you want them (just email me).

           I have been around the site for a while. I joined when I bought the '52. I finally have it to a "decent picture state." I thought of sending in the original, moss covered, limb, and leaves full bed, rotted wood, etc, but did not. Those first shots were taken on a cam corder and have been taped over. But ... what a find! The glass was so green with moss you could not see through it. The body looked black. There were mice homes, dirt dobbers, spider-webs, rusty parts, flat tires, magazines, MONEY, and the list goes on. I could have had a yard sale with the junk in the bed and cab

           The truck was frustrating for a while. But I'm a mechanic from way back so a challenge was fun. Everything mechanically now works, even the dome light. Some new tires and I'm about road ready, even though the body needs work.

          Thanks great site. It has and will be very informative to my repairs and parts-finding.

Jeff Engel


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