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1966 Chevy C 60 Dump Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Brent Emmons
"Brent E"
Bolter # 19204
Danbury (out in the woods), New Hampshire
09 November 2008
# 2469

From Brent :

This is my 1966 Chevy C 60 Dump truck. It has a 292 6 cylinder motor, with a 4 speed transmission, and a 2 speed rear.

I purchased the dump truck for $950 this past spring. The only thing I  did to the it was add a set of tail lights, change the oil, add gas and a driver.

As soon as the roads were salt-free, we put her to work and worked her all summer.

In this picture, we were picking up the first load of 52 at my Mom's house to fix the woods road to get the 24 cords of wood out this year.

This picture is about the 10th load and you can see the cable is hooked to my logging winch. I had to winch out for the first 20 loads or so until I got a good road started.

I have dumped over 100 loads with it, hauled my buddy's excavator three or four times and got out all that wood. Long summer! Man, they made these trucks rugged!

I plan on doing some work to it this winter.

I found this truck on Craigslist. I thought I had seen it before. Come to find out, it was a mile up the road from my Mom's house. A friend had owned it for 20 year and had done a lot of work with it but had just got a new bigger truck. He told me the only thing he did to it was change the oil put a set of tires on it -- not even a tune up. He said it was the best starting rig in his fleet and he hated to get rid of it. He was glad to see go to a good home and not to far away. If (or when) we paint it, he wants to see it!

The previous owner also told me the the dump had haled asphalt in Massachusetts until the late 70's. It was then sold to a guy who took it up to New Hampshire. On one of the first loads he dumped, he forgot to open the gate and we all know what happened next. This was before cell phones so he had to yell and get someone attention (like they didn't see a two ton truck up in the air). So here the poor guy is 12 feet in the air until a backhoe showed up. They took out a the dirt, a little at a time, until it started on its way back to the ground.

When that owner was finished with the truck, he sold it to Frank Newfell in the same town (Grafton, NH) which is also the same town that my Mother lives in. The truck spent the rest of the time doing cord wood in the winter and doing septic work in the summer until I got it this spring. It looks like it was red to start its life out. Then was gold for a while. Then the green color you see it in now.

I have a old Ford tractor with a loader. The Dump and loader make a good pair. Back in the day, we called it "construction" for a reason. 

I also have a one-owner (Grandfather bought it brand new)1941 buick 2 door coupe in the barn. After it was fully restored in 1974, we ran it two summers. Then he passed away and it's been in the barn ever sense.

This site does a great service. The more I visit your site, the more I love it. I hope the price of steel stays down because I saw a lot of history going to the scrap yard this summer.


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