Mike Ellison's

1948 Chevrolet 6400

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01 August  2006 Update

From Mike:

           Hi ! I was just wondering if it was possible to update the picture you have of my 1948 6400.

           I haven't had time for my hobby since March 2004. Hurricane Ivan caused severe damage to our home and we had to move out for almost a year. But we are very blessed that no one was injured.

           We are back home now and with a new project (1948 3/4-ton) for my seven-year old son and myself. Everything is normal now -- just in time for another hurricane season. Will send info soon on the 3/4-ton.

           Thanks!  Have a Great day!

Mike Ellison

26 December  2003

From Mike:

           First I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your web site. Several times over the two years, I have considered throwing in the towel on my project. But I would go to your site read some stories, view some pictures and keep working.

           My truck is a 1948 2-ton Chevrolet Loadmaster. Having grown up on a farm in south Alabama, I find these old trucks hold a ton of memories for me. A friend had one but wouldn't part with it. He said he knew where one was in Kansas. He told me he would go get it if I was interested. So he did! 

           When we got it home, I went to work. The truck was in good shape but I still wanted to go completely through it. It took two long years but it paid off. One thing I would like someone to tell me is why front wheel bearings cost more than the truck did in 1948. 

           Here's a shot of the interior ... before and after. And the engine ... before and after!

           Thanks again, great website!!

Mike Ellison

           Mike - I am glad to hear that your truck benefited from this site. You have done a beautiful job putting that old girl back together.  Now your submission can be an inspiration for others. Thanks for sending it in! ~~ Curator

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