John Ekstrand's

1964 Chevy Crew Cab Longbed

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08 August 2007
# 2016

From John :

           My Dad has just finished his 1964 Chevy Crew Cab Longbed and I wanted to share it with all of you.

           This truck started out as a 2.5-ton wrecker (the previous owner’s family told us this). I found the truck in Jacksboro, Texas about six years ago and just admired it from afar for a couple years or more. Then one day I asked my Dad, after he finished another project, what was next on the rebuild / rodstoration agenda? He said that IF he was going to rebuild / restore anything else, it would be a Chevy crew cab in the 1964-66 range. I spoke right up and said I knew where one was! He didn’t believe me so I got the owner's information and took my Dad out to it. He bought it on the spot and had it brought to a friend of his for some preliminary inspections.

           After a year and a half, it is finally finished. It has a 1972 3/4-ton GMC frame (stretched), 1972 front and rear suspension (all rebuilt), 350/700R4 combo, P/S, P/B, new interior, new paint. Oh yea, it has A/C, too!

           Although this guy may be a moose, I am very proud of the way it turned out. I think he is one now ... maybe ...

John Ekstrand
Bolter # 7721
Fort Worth, Texas

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