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1967 Chevy Longbed Stepside

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21 February 2007
# 1838

From Eric :

           Hello. I have here a 1967 Chevy Longbed Stepside that I ran across while on a trip down in Florida. I asked the owner if it was for sale. He said "No," but I left my name and number with him in case he changed his mind. Several months later, I got a call from the guy saying he was looking to sell the truck. We haggled over the price for a while then agreed to $700, plus another $150 for him to haul it up here to me.

           After bringing the truck up here, he decided he wanted more money. He tried to tell me how valuable the truck was, going so far as to tell me everything was original, including the paint, and that the truck was a rare Longhorn. If I'm not mistaken, Longhorns didn't come out until '68, and they were all Fleetsides. They never were made in a Stepside.

           I told him I wasn't changing the deal so he finally took it. If you look at the pics, you'll see that a lot of the stuff, including the paint, is not original. I don't even think the motor is. He said it was a 327, but after some research, we found we couldn't match any of the engine serial numbers to anything in the GM database. So our deduction is that it's a 305 from some vehicle running from the model years '74-'79. The motor actually needs to be broken down and have all gaskets replaced, as it leaks practically everywhere. Even with all that, it runs surprisingly well considering it sat out in a yard for three years.

           I've changed the carb, intake manifold, valve covers, water pump, switched to HEI ignition, rebuilt the brakes, added new wheels and tires. None of this shows in these pictures. These most show what it looked like when I bought it.

           Currently, I have no finances to do anymore work on this truck. Hopefully in my lifetime I will be able to come close to restoring it from the ground up, even though I have no idea what this truck looked like from the factory outside of the paint job. I do know that it came with trim work on the cab as I have the sticker on the glovebox door that states optional equipment that was on the truck. But there is no trim work left -- apparently it has all been torn off.

           This is actually the first Longbed Stepside I have ever seen. There are none around here that I have ever seen. Any help on this would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me.

Bruce Eiff
Bolter # 13708
Westminster, South Carolina

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