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Cool Old Truck

Glenn Edward's


1-1/2 Ton Pickup!

20 September  03  

From Glenn  

My name is Glenn Edwards and I live in Lebanon, Tennessee. We recently found this 1932 Chevy 1 1/2 ton truck on the internet.  We bought it in Northern Illinois and went and picked it up a few weeks ago.  As you can see through the dust and dirt it is in pretty good condition. 

We are the third owner of this truck.  The man we bought it from has had it for 12 years and didn't do anything much to it.  It was last registered in 1952.  The original owner used it on his farm to haul wood in until his eyesight prevented him from using it.  This gentleman was in his 80's at that time.  I think that he took very good care of it. 

I found the old alemite (sp?) grease fittings in a metal box inside the cab. They had been replaced with modern zerk fittings, but had been saved.  The truck has the original wood on the sides of the bed as well as the endgate.  The floor of the bed appears to have been replaced some time ago.  The sheet metal is good.  A little rust on the cab is all I can find.  The engine is tight, no visible leaks and it doesn't smoke.  The speedometer works and there are 26100 miles on it.  The gas gage insides are missing, but the other gages work. The interior needs replacing, but the wood is good. 

I have a 26 Ford T touring car.  My father was born in 1926.  Now I have this 1932 Chevy truck.  My mother was born in 1932.  I am in search for information about 32 Chevy trucks as well as sources for parts.  Any information will be very much appreciated. 

Glenn Edwards 

Curator "Glenn, thanks for sharing your truck and story with the rest of us.  Have fun with your new 'old' truck!"

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