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1949 Chevy 5-window Pickup Truck

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20 December 2006
# 1747

From Larry :

           I bought my Ď49 5-window Chevy pickup off eBay and trailered it home from Dallas, Texas. It is in very good shape for its age, having been stored for 27 years.

           The previous owner had it sitting on a 4 x 4 chassis so I did not get an original frame with it. I decided to go the S10 chassis route since I wanted to use it as a daily driver. I changed the rearend to a 4WD S10 which is wider with 3:42 gears. I then purchased a '78 pickup that the owner had installed a 2000 350 long block. Pulled the engine and 350 transmission and installed them in the S10 chassis.

           I visited one of the local salvage yards and picked up a serpentine setup with AC and alternator and an electric fan from a Caddy. Added a Hypercool heat, AC, and defrost unit, radio, new Classic gauges, Newport wiper motor, '73 Caprice column and an EZ wire kit. Had the seat recovered and insulated the cab.

           I will finish the rest as I get time but it is now on the road and Iím really enjoying it. My plans are to leave it like it is on the exterior for now and just add the front bumper and a 200R overdrive tranny.

           Feel free to check my Webshots for more pictures, especially for the conversion.

Larry Eckart
Bolter # 12137
Leawood, Kansas

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